HRPP policies & procedures manual

104: Management of IRB personnel

1. Purpose

The purpose of this policy is to describe management policies and procedures to promote the long-term commitment of IRB staff and employees, and to ensure the efficient and effective administration and enforcement of IRB decisions.

2. Policy

ORA staff provide consistency, expertise, and administrative support to the IRB and the research community. The office staff is the most vital component in the effective operation of the WSU Human Research Protection Program. Therefore, the highest level of professionalism and integrity on the part of ORA staff is expected.

3. Specific policies

3.1 Job descriptions and performance evaluations

ORA staff will have a description of the responsibilities expected of their positions. The performance of the ORA staff will be reviewed by the ORA director according to University policy.

3.2 Staff positions

Staffing levels and function allocation will be determined according to WSU policy, management assessment of support requirements, and budget constraints.

3.3 Hiring and terminating research compliance office staff

The human resource policies of WSU determine the policies for recruiting, hiring, and terminating staff.

3.4 Delegation of authority or responsibility

Delegation of specific functions, authorities, and responsibilities by the chairperson to an IRB staff member must be documented in writing.

4. Forms


5. Procedures employed to implement this policy & assignment of responsibility

Institutional official (IO)Establish the requirements for ORA staff, with the input of the ORA
director. Hire and evaluate the ORA director in accordance with
University policy.
ORA directorCompose job descriptions.
Ensure that ORA staff is adequately oriented and trained.
Evaluate the performance of the IRB staff.