HRPP policies & procedures manual

201: Management of the board

1. Purpose

The purpose of this policy is to describe staff administration and oversight of the IRB to ensure the continuity of a membership that has the expertise and commitment to meet its regulatory and institutional mandates.

2. Policy

The management of the membership of the IRB and oversight of member appointments, IRB related activities, communications, and other administrative details are the responsibility of the ORA.

3. Specific policies

3.1 Term

Members, including alternates will be appointed to 3 year terms. Reappointment for additional years or terms may occur. The chairperson is appointed for a one year term, and may be reappointed.

3.2 Appointments

The institutional official (IO) has the authority (from the president) to appoint the chair, regular, and alternate members. Members will be solicited from WSU and surrounding Palouse area communities.

The chair of the IRB will be determined by interest in the position and expertise.

3.3 Resignations and removals

A member may resign before the conclusion of his/her term. The vacancy will be filled as quickly as possible. A member may be removed by the IO upon recommendation of the IRB. Grounds for removal include failure to attend IRB meetings on a regular basis without reasonable cause, or inability to perform the functions of an IRB member. The chair or ORA director will forward the request for removal to the IO along with a recommendation for a replacement.  

3.4 Compensation

Participation by WSU faculty or staff as IRB members is considered a component of their job responsibilities as established by their supervisors.

3.5 Evaluation

IRB committee composition will be evaluated annually to ensure committee composition meets with regulatory and organizational requirements.

IRB member evaluation

Annually, the IRB coordinator will review the activities of the members, including attendance, numbers and types of reviews, and send them summary letters.

Chair evaluation

The chairperson will be evaluated by the ORA director and the IO.

4. Applicable regulations and guidelines


5. Forms


6. Procedures employed to implement this policy & assignment of responsibility

IOIn consultation with the ORA director and other appropriate parties,
identify and appoint members of WSU faculty and staff and members of
the local community to serve on the IRB.
ORA directorDiscuss the responsibilities and time commitment of IRB membership
with the interested parties.

Notify the OR of IRB membership.
IRB coordinatorNotify the new member of the next meeting and send a packet of
agenda materials to review.
MembersRead information in the new member packet. Sign and return
agreements, and review designated educational materials.

Attend the next meeting of the IRB as an observer, in order to meet
colleagues and observe the review process.

New members are also to be sensitive to conflict of interest and
confidentiality issues dealing with their service on the IRB.
ORA director, IRB
Meet with the new member and review the role and responsibilities of
being an IRB member, as well as the expectations of the position.

Document that the new member completed required training.

Evaluate IRB membership, chair and IRB members to ensure that
committee meets regulatory and organizational requirements. Provide
feedback to IRB members and chair.

Annually evaluate each IRB member’s activity and provide a summary
to that member.