All researchers are encouraged to submit 2-3 months prior to when they hope to begin their study to allow time for a considerate and thorough review of their planned research. This ensures there is ample time for the review process to be conducted and to allow for revisions and recommended changes to be addressed.

All submissions are processed in the order in which they are received and pre-reviewed for the basic required elements prior to being assigned a reviewer or an anticipated initial review due date. Posted timelines reflect average estimates based on the current time from issued notice of reviewer assignment to issued notice of review comments/determination returned to the PI.

Review timelines may vary and are dependent on:

  • Current # of submissions queued for processing
  • Reviewer availability
  • Completeness of submission
New Projects Average # of Business Days
Exempt 15
Full Board* Please reference IRB meeting schedule
Re-Reviews Average # of Business Days
Full Board* Please reference IRB meeting schedule