IMPORTANT: Expected Delayed Processing and Review Timelines

Please be advised that our office anticipates substantial delays in processing and review timelines throughout Spring 2024. These delays are anticipated due to increased submissions, decreased reviewer availability, and ongoing beta testing for our new eIRB submission system – more information regarding eirb coming soon!

All submissions are processed in the order in which they are received.

All researchers are encouraged to submit at least 2 months prior to when they hope to begin their study to allow time for a considerate and thorough review of their planned research. This ensures there is ample time for the review process to be conducted and to allow for revisions and recommended changes to be adequately addressed. Out of fairness and respect for those researchers who have submitted their prepared materials and are awaiting approval in accordance to this timeframe, our office is unable to accommodate rush review requests.

Review timelines may vary and are dependent on:

  • Current # of submissions/communications queued for processing
  • Completeness of submission
  • Reviewer availability

Please be aware that all processing and correspondence management is done manually by a limited number of our internal staff as our office does not yet have an automated submission/review system. Your patience and understanding of this factor is appreciated.

Once initial processing has begun and your submission has been assigned an IRB #, you can track the status of your project, download any applicable official correspondence (additional material requests, CITI training requests, reviewer determinations), and download finalized materials once approved through the MyResearch Database.