For those involved with human subjects research, Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) has become a national standard in regards to preparing researchers with the proper ethical, logistical, and regulatory training for research specific purposes. WSU maintains a subscription with CITI that allows WSU faculty, students, staff, and affiliates to complete trainings as necessary, free of charge. We have created this CITI guidance page that will assist you in your setup and understanding of the training site.

CITI Requirements for WSU Personnel

Course TitleValidExempt ApplicationsNon-Exempt Applications
Biomedical Research (Basic/Refresher)
Social/Behavioral Research (Basic/Refresher)
5 YearsYesYes
Biomedical Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR)
Social/Behavioral Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR)
4 YearsYesYes
Good Clinical Practice (GCP)3 Years**
  • (Basic/Refresher): Required for all WSU personnel listed in application.
  • (RCR): Required for all  WSU personnel listed in application per ORSO’s Guideline #8.
  • (GCP)*: ONLY required for NIH funded clinical trials.

CITI Requirements for Non-WSU Personnel

Course TitleValidExempt ApplicationsNon-Exempt Applications
Biomedical Research (Basic/Refresher)
Social/Behavioral Research (Basic/Refresher)
5 YearsYes*Yes*
Biomedical Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR)
Social/Behavioral Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR)
4 Years**
Good Clinical Practice (GCP)3 Years**
  • (Basic/Refresher)*: Required for all  non-WSU personnel listed in application UNLESS the individual is affiliated with a different university AND their university will be reviewing for their aspect of the study as their IRB may have their own requirements (PI should defer to non-WSU personnel’s home institution’s IRB requirements).
  • (RCR)*: ONLY required if ANY of the following apply:
  1. Requesting an IIA/IAA agreement as the personnel will be covered as if they are a WSU researcher. Exception approvals are deferred to the HRPP coordinator’s judgment of their necessity, notification of exception decisions will be documented through MyResearch.
  2. The project is funded by: NSF, USDA/NIFA, or NIH.
  3. If the study is deemed more than minimal risk.
  4. If the study includes vulnerable populations.
  • (GCP)*: ONLY required for NIH funded clinical trials.

The WSU HRPP requires all investigators, co-investigators, coordinators, and key personnel involved in research with human participants to complete training in the ethical and equitable treatment of participants in research.

WSU requires all WSU faculty and staff conducting research activities to have completed RCR training, regardless of the category or funding. For further information why this course is required, please see the links below:

The principal investigator (PI) is responsible for ensuring and maintaining CITI training compliance and its documentation for all personnel.

It is strongly encouraged that all personnel complete all required training prior to submission. While the review process can begin if training is incomplete, the protocol cannot be approved until proof of certification is provided for all required courses for all personal.

If a protocol has been previously approved and new research personnel are being added via an amendment, training must be complete prior to approval of the amendment and prior to the new members engaging in human subject research activities.

Step 1: Log in with WSU SSO

  • On the CITI website homepage, choose “Log in through my institution” and find Washington State University in the list.
  • Log in with your WSU credentials
  • For those that are unable to sign in with SSO, please see the subsequent section detailing registration steps.

Step 2: WSU course page

  • On your account homepage, under “Institutional Courses,” click on the blue “View Courses” next to “Washington State University.” This will take you to your WSU courses page.

Step 3: Adding a course

  • Scroll to the bottom of the page to a section titled “Learner Tools for Washington State University” and click “Add a Course.”

Step 4: Course selection – Basic Human Subjects/RCR/GCP

  • Follow the questions below to register for the necessary courses:
  • When prompted, select “Yes,” confirming that you will be working with live human beings, human samples, or data derived from human beings. Also select “Yes, I need/want to take the course on Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR).”
  • When prompted, indicate whether or not you have previously completed the basic course in the Protection of Human Research Subjects.
  • When prompted, select your learner group. Choose between: “Biomedical Research Investigators” or “Social & Behavioral Research Investigators”.
  • When prompted, select the RCR course that best fits your category of research: “Biomedical” or “Social or Behavioral”.
  • The Good Clinical Practice course is only required for biomedical research investigators conducting NIH research. Otherwise select “No, thanks”.
  • It will now ask if you wish to enroll in the IRB Chair or Institutional/Signatory Official, select “Not at this time”.
  • Finalize registration.

Step 1: Register

  • Go to the CITI Program website.
  • To select your organization affiliation, enter Washington State University.  This ensures that your certificate of completion will be viewable to the WSU IRB.
  • Review and agree to the Terms of Service.
  • Click “Continue.”

Step 2: Personal information

  • Enter your first and last name.
  • Enter and verify your WSU email address. If you are not a WSU faculty, staff, or student, enter your non-WSU email address.
  • Enter and verify a second email address.
  • Click “Continue.”

Step 3: Create your username and password

  • Create a username. Must be 4-50 characters, NOT case sensitive.
  • Create a password. Must be 8-50 characters, IS case sensitive.
  • Choose a security question and provide an answer that you will remember.
  • Click “Continue.”

Step 4: Country of residence

  • Select your country of residence.
  • Click “Continue.”

Step 5: Are you interested in the option of receiving Continuing Education Unit (CEU) credit for completed CITI Program courses?

  • CEU registration is not required for WSU course training. Select “No.”
  • Click “Continue.”

Step 6: Additional Information Requested by WSU

  • When prompted to enter your WSU ID number, enter a random 8-digit number instead (WE RECOMMEND 1+your phone number)